High-value dog snacks

Roko photo

I like giving out homemade treats when Truffle makes friends at dog parks. We met Luca at Point Isabel last month. His owner Roko took this nice photo of one of my Braunschweiger and Oat Shepherd Biscuits. We’ve run into each other a few times since then, and Roko said she broke off little pieces of the shepherd biscuit to keep for when Luca needed a high-value treat. She refers to us as the “high-value couple” — what a compliment! I’ll be posting that recipe later, so stay tuned!

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Jenny, I have just the thing… Was going to make another batch this weekend, so I’ll take some photos and post the recipe soon!

hey there! Roko & Luca here! yes, i vouch that the snacks, puppy & couple are total “high value.” always look forward to running into y’all in the great jolly doggie outdoors.

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