Deg-stinations! Park life!

Point Isabel in the Spring

Forgive this photodump–it’s been a busy few months here in Truffleland. Here are some of our favorite Springtime moments from the Point…

Luka leads the Running of the Dogs!

A rainy but fun April morning. Truffle got to play with a greyhound and a heeler mix.

What’s better than a new friend? An old friend! A very happy reunion with the Livvy, the prettiest dobie pup!

Who’s up for puppy charades? Truffle has no idea what Livingstone is acting out. 2 words… No baths?

And, even better than an old friend, is a best friend. Nothing compares to Io.

Except maybe family! We ran into brother Ben last weekend.

Truffle in training to be a Zulu warrior…

Wait… what? I can’t gopher that, no can do.

Zulu warriors seem to get sticks, but they don’t get enough snacks. I’ll stick to being a puppers, thanks.

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Truffle’s 1st minibreak

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Truffle’s grandpeople were out from New Jersey last month, so it was time for puppy’s first minibreak!

Mark and I loved Dancing Coyote Beach on our first visit to Inverness. It’s a set of four cottages with a private beach and an amazing view (though you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad view in Point Reyes). Two of the cottages are dog-friendly. We returned when his family flew out for our wedding, and for this third visit, we brought Truffle along.

She had a lot of fun running on the beach…

Proud of her pinecone find.

Was it Tongue Out Tuesday? Probably not, just practicing.

It was a short but sweet getaway for humans and the deg. Until next time, Dancing Coyote Beach!