Happy New EARS!


It’s been months since our last post, but I’m making a new year’s resolution to update this blog. Truffle’s resolution is to eat more snacks, and you can tell she is serious by those ears! Happy 2017 to all our dog and people friends!


Orphan Dog Cookies

Around this time last year, Karen Schaver and her volunteers were gearing up for the Texas Freedom Ride. Lake County based rescue Orphan Dog homes 250 dogs every year, mostly in Northern California. Once a year during Karen’s summer vacation from teaching, they go farther afield. Last year, they went to Texas and brought back a van full of dogs from high-kill shelters. Truffle and her brothers were three of the lucky pups, and their people are very, very grateful.

I made these cookies in honor of Orphan Dog. Rescue puppies deserve healthy and high-value treats! These have been very popular at our favorite dog park…



220g canned salmon, drained and picked through to remove larger bones
1 cup peas
125 g carrot
1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup flax seeds
1 egg
3 tbsp coconut oil

Grind the flax seeds in a food processor, and move to a mixing bowl. Shred about 3 medium carrots in the food processor, then add 1 cup of peas and chop again. Add the canned salmon to the food processor to make sure any remaining bones are blitzed. (Salmon bones from tins should be safe for dogs and humans, since they’ve been pressure canned. They’re also a good source of calcium.) Add this wet mixture to 1 1/2 cups of flour, 1 egg, and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and knead by hand or in a stand mixer. Add extra flour if necessary to bring dough into a ball.

Once the dough comes together, roll out to a 1/2 inch thickness and cut into desired shapes. Bake at 375F for 15 minutes for cookies that break off easily (good for training), or 20-25 min. for dry biscuits. Either way, since these are made from fresh ingredients, make sure to store your cookies in the fridge or freezer.

Happy Independence Day, puppers!

Deg-stinations! Park life!

Point Isabel in the Spring

Forgive this photodump–it’s been a busy few months here in Truffleland. Here are some of our favorite Springtime moments from the Point…

Luka leads the Running of the Dogs!

A rainy but fun April morning. Truffle got to play with a greyhound and a heeler mix.

What’s better than a new friend? An old friend! A very happy reunion with the Livvy, the prettiest dobie pup!

Who’s up for puppy charades? Truffle has no idea what Livingstone is acting out. 2 words… No baths?

And, even better than an old friend, is a best friend. Nothing compares to Io.

Except maybe family! We ran into brother Ben last weekend.

Truffle in training to be a Zulu warrior…

Wait… what? I can’t gopher that, no can do.

Zulu warriors seem to get sticks, but they don’t get enough snacks. I’ll stick to being a puppers, thanks.

Park life!

Happy 1st birthday, Truffle, Lux, and Ben!

Truffle and her brothers are puppies rescued from a shelter in Texas by Orphan Dog up in Lake County. We don’t know their actual birthday, but we think it might be sometime this week. So today we celebrated at Point Isabel with Bennett and Lux. I baked a cake: ground turkey, chicken liver, carrot, and oats, frosted with mashed potato and decorated with peas. Will post the recipe soon, but for now, here are some photos of excited dogs.

Truffle is ready for cake!

Lux is diving in…

This Great Dane wanted a slice but I didn’t see his people around to ask if it was ok for him to have one.

Do dogs use plates? Sometimes.

Handsome Ben!

Wet butts. Happy day.

Park life!

Turns out, Truffle is a huge Stones fan…

Last summer, when we were looking for a dog (Truffle hunting, so to speak), we noticed an adorable litter of puppies at the Milo Foundation. They were named after the Rolling Stones, and being rock stars and possible border collie mixes, they were quickly adopted.

We met “Mick Jagger” (now named Angus) a few weeks back. He and Truffle had a great time chasing each other around Point Isabel. We think we may have met another one of the Stones as well–Charlie or Ronnie?

This rainy morning, Point Isabel was a wet ghost town, but the dogs that were there were a ton of fun. Truff had an energetic run with pretty pit Bodie and his shy Great Dane brother Perseus who was celebrating his 4th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERSEUS!

We walked on, and Mark asked me, “Is that one of the Rolling Stones litter? Is that Keith?” The owner said, “Yes, this is Keith!” We told Keith’s mom Anna that we’d met at least one of the brothers at the park, and that she should really try to get the band back together… 😉 A few minutes later, who should come by but Angus, I mean, Mick himself!


Truffle loves a family reunion, even when it’s not her family. Really though, what a coincidence. We think we may have conjured Angus and his people to the park by talking about them.


Keith is still named Keith, and is showing Truffle the business.


We’re hoping for a reunion tour with the whole band. Maybe a benefit show for Milo? 🙂