Gotcha Day!

We celebrated Truffle’s Adoption Day earlier this week. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we brought her home.

I asked Truffle Dad for some adjectives to describe our first year with the pup. These was his list:

gently chewed
bed ejected

She certainly makes life more interesting!

I figured since it was Gotcha Day, I should make her a Pokeball fruit plate (which was later blended into a frozen Kong treat).




Happy first year, little one. Here’s to many more!

May the Fourth be with you!

I took Truffle over to our local Unleashed by Petco on Force Friday last year. She had just chewed through her first leash. I think she just wanted some Star Wars merchandise.

Here she is, showing off her Yoda ears.

We came across these super cute Star Wars dog biscuits!

The difficult decision…

Han didn’t stand a chance. Truffle ate first.

Today, Truffle is exploring her Light Side. But only because good dogs get more snacks.

Truffle’s 1st minibreak

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Truffle’s grandpeople were out from New Jersey last month, so it was time for puppy’s first minibreak!

Mark and I loved Dancing Coyote Beach on our first visit to Inverness. It’s a set of four cottages with a private beach and an amazing view (though you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad view in Point Reyes). Two of the cottages are dog-friendly. We returned when his family flew out for our wedding, and for this third visit, we brought Truffle along.

She had a lot of fun running on the beach…

Proud of her pinecone find.

Was it Tongue Out Tuesday? Probably not, just practicing.

It was a short but sweet getaway for humans and the deg. Until next time, Dancing Coyote Beach!

High-value dog snacks

Roko photo

I like giving out homemade treats when Truffle makes friends at dog parks. We met Luca at Point Isabel last month. His owner Roko took this nice photo of one of my Braunschweiger and Oat Shepherd Biscuits. We’ve run into each other a few times since then, and Roko said she broke off little pieces of the shepherd biscuit to keep for when Luca needed a high-value treat. She refers to us as the “high-value couple” — what a compliment! I’ll be posting that recipe later, so stay tuned!

Hello snacks!


I was all set to start for a food blog for humans. Then along came Truffle… Puppies require a lot time, and some puppies require a LOT of SNACKS. Given her appetite, I’ve been experimenting with healthy homemade treats. We’ll be sharing recipes, reviews, and lots of dog photos. But enough chatter. Let’s snacks!!