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Happy 1st birthday, Truffle, Lux, and Ben!

Truffle and her brothers are puppies rescued from a shelter in Texas by Orphan Dog up in Lake County. We don’t know their actual birthday, but we think it might be sometime this week. So today we celebrated at Point Isabel with Bennett and Lux. I baked a cake: ground turkey, chicken liver, carrot, and oats, frosted with mashed potato and decorated with peas. Will post the recipe soon, but for now, here are some photos of excited dogs.

Truffle is ready for cake!

Lux is diving in…

This Great Dane wanted a slice but I didn’t see his people around to ask if it was ok for him to have one.

Do dogs use plates? Sometimes.

Handsome Ben!

Wet butts. Happy day.

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Thank you! Truffle didn’t get any candles to blow out, but I’m sure her wish is for all dogs to have great parks to run around in. Hope you guys get one soon!

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